The Formidable Media Publisher is the complete solution to getting your reports, books, videos and music “out there” or where you want it to go.


Whether you release material for the attention of certain individuals or groups (clients, customers, colleagues etc) or for them to be available more widely (eg: for sale to the general public), the files are secured and protected throughout. You control the lifecycle of your files. You set the rules!


The Formidable Publisher comes with an admin panel which allows you to identify your intended recipients or audience, set your terms and conditions and upload your files to your encrypted Formidable Secure Cloud (FSC). The Formidable Publisher does the rest. It lets the audience know your material is available, verifies who they are and then permits secure download to a Formidable Player or Viewer specific to them and their computer/s (these are free downloads). Release can be embargoed and access restricted by time, date or utility.

  • If you want to grant access for a month; it’s done.
  • Restrict printing? Done.
  • Prevent download, copying or sharing? Done.
  • Prefer your documents to be available to one and all with no conditions attached (but would at least like to know who these people are)? Done.


IP piracy, file-sharing and trading usernames and passwords is a constant and pressing challenge to anyone selling or distributing valuable or sensitive content online. These practices dramatically affect the integrity of brands and products, diminish revenue streams, damage businesses and affect the economy overall. (It’s recently been estimated that digital piracy could result in up to 1.2 million lost jobs and £215 Billion lost revenue across Europe alone.) Formidable Solutions can stop this in its tracks!


To view the material licensed to them, the user downloads one of the Formidable stable of “virtual viewers” (free) to access files according to the terms of your licence or any agreement between you. They can only view the material on the Formidable Media Player or Formidable PDF Viewer licensed to them and their computer/s (and nowhere else) and do with them what you allow.


Formidable Media incorporates multiple layers of protection utilising proprietary technology and the internationally recognised encryption algorithm AES256.


Whether you are looking for an Enterprise or Desktop application, contact us and we can discuss the customisation of a platform perfect for your needs. Contact us at

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