With Formidable Solutions the vendors or distributors (ie: licensors) of digital content (whether it’s video, picture, audio or text-based) retain complete control over the files for the lifecycle of that material:

  • Publishing and distribution is completely in the hands of the creator or owner of the IP
  • Distribution is infinitely scalable
  • Access to files is according to the terms of the licensor (publisher)
  • These files can be in any format (text, video, audio, etc)
  • Multiple layers of protection utilising proprietary technology and 2048 bit signatures and up to 256 encryption) and can be accessed by those permitted to do so
  • Licensors can set time-frames within which their files can be accessed and used (before or after which they become useless) and they also define exactly what the licensee can do with these files (eg: the files may be view-only).
  • Files can only be viewed or played on the Viewer or Player designated by the licence and on the nominated computers only (these are free downloads)
  • Printing and downloading of files can be restricted (ie: they can be "View Only")
  • Options can be given to licensees to access/ purchase/ view other materials at the discretion of the licensor
  • The administrative panel is tailored to the needs of the distributor.

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