The Formidable PDF Studio is the inexpensive, sophisticated and easy to use PDF authoring suite that makes creating, working and securing PDFs a breeze. The advantages of using the PDF format for your documents are many and varied but never have so many features been at your fingertips.


Creating PDFs is quick and easy with the Formidable PDF Studio. Type directly onto any PDF page and add comments, reviews and annotations for reference. Conversion from a Word document to PDF is straightforward and creating “Fillable Forms” is managed in a completely secure environment.


The Formidable Studio incorporates various industry-standard tools including digital signature functionality, auto-header/footer and watermark generation with the option of utilising password protection and permission levels as standard. It includes comprehensive digital signature security including 40/128 bit RC4 and 128/256 bit AES encryption.


By utilising the Formidable Secure Cloud (FSC) with the PDF Studio you elevate the security and protection of your documents to a whole new level.


When you send a document to someone you may not mind what happens to it but, what if you do mind? What if it matters? What if:


  • the contents are sensitive, valuable or confidential? What if they send it to somebody else and you don’t want them to?
  • a competitor, rival or another client, customer or supplier saw it?
  • they alter your document and then send it to someone else and pass it off as the original?
  • you send an order form and someone in the chain alters the figures to their own advantage?


You may be used to protecting your documents with usernames and passwords which is all very well (and the PDF Studio allows you to continue do this) but these can be shared or stolen. What use are they then? Go further. Harness the power of the PDF Studio and the FSC; it’s simple and seamless!


Set the security levels on your Studio, upload your PDF to the FSC (a secure cloud-based repository) and identify who you want the files to go to. They receive an email telling them the file is waiting. They then access the document according to the permission levels you’ve set:


  • "View Only": they can’t access the PDF at “file level” at all. They can read it on their PDF Studio or PDF Viewer (which is a free download) only. They can’t download it or forward it to anyone else and they certainly can’t change it. This is the highest level of security.
  • "Read Only": they can download the file but they can’t change anything within it.
  • "Read/Write": they can download it and read it on any PDF Reader and rework the PDF themselves and do with it what they like.


Formidable uses a cost-effective subscription model for purchases. This not only keeps the price down but ensures that updates and “next-generations” of the PDF Studio are free! You know you’re not only paying a lot less for more but you’ll always have the latest Formidable PDF Studio at your fingertips!


While the Formidable PDF Studio is designed for use in a Microsoft PC or laptop environment (Apple and Mobile are coming soon) the Formidable PDF Viewer is available (also as a free download) for Apple users (mobile is coming soon).


Download PDF Studio here :



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