The PDF Viewer is a free download that allows you to view PDF files (authored by anyone on any software package) and comes with a raft of tools that lets you do things that have previously required the purchase of expensive software. Set the Formidable PDF Viewer as the default reader for all your PDFs and once you’ve used it you won’t look back.


You can make bookmarks, insert comments (unless the author has forbidden this), make attachments, take snapshots and make highlights. Magnify all or part of a page and use the Loupe tool (very cool) to really home in on a particular part of a document. Download it and see for yourself!


Unsecured PDFs created on a Formidable PDF Studio can be viewed on any PDF reader or viewer but if someone’s created one on a Formidable PDF Studio and chosen to protect the contents and/or access to it, you will only be able to do so on your PDF Viewer on your designated computer. It’s a whole new level of security that protects the confidentiality and sensitivity of documents. They remain encrypted throughout and come with a "Read Only" or "View Only" permission level. "Read Only" means you can download it to your computer without being able to alter it and "View Only" means you can view it but can’t download, alter, forward or print it.


(NB: If you want to know more about how to create and secure your documents or if you just want to create great looking PDFs easily and inexpensively check out the Formidable PDF Studio here)


The PDF Viewer really is the next generation of readers!


Download PDF Viewer here :



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