The Formidable Vault is like having an infinitely scalable personal safety deposit box on your computer within which you can store securely and secretly any or all of your files or folders.


It is a virtual drive downloaded from Formidable Solutions which seamlessly delivers transparent encryption for anything placed within it i.e: files can be viewed and worked on by the authorised user while within the Vault and they remain encrypted throughout.


Move files in or out of your Vault at will. It’s as simple as cutting, copying or “dropping and dragging”. They remain visible to you alone as access to the Vault is bound to your Windows account and is password protected. They are therefore invisible to anyone else should your computer be lost or stolen.


If your computer is stolen, the thief would have to possess your username and password for your Vault to access the files in it or to have any idea they were there in the first place. The Vault can be disabled remotely as an extra precaution as well.


The Vault itself is infinitely scalable as its size is limited only by that of the hard drive on your computer. Therefore, every single folder and file on a computer could be stored in your Vault which means they can all be encrypted and therefore invisible to, and unusable by, anyone else.


If you would like to access your files remotely then the recommended safe and secure option is to utilise the Formidable Vault, the Formidable Secure Cloud (FSC) and the Formidable Synchroniser together. These can be purchased as a cost-effective inexpensive package.


The Formidable Secure Cloud (FSC) is a secure, web-based digital storage facility that enables you to store and manage your media, folders and documents online securely. Effectively, it is an online repository with a user-friendly interface that gives you an exclusive electronic filing system within which you can create your own folders, upload documents and view or download them and even share them securely with others. Only designated or intended “sharees” can access the files and the system ensures that anyone else is barred.


The Formidable Synchroniser is a local desktop tool which instantly updates or “synchronises” your designated desktop files within a secure online repository (The FSC). This synchronisation occurs instantly and seamlessly, regardless of their being stored in a secure (Formidable Vault) or non-secure environment. You simply upload and download your files and folders between your desktop computer and your online repository.


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