The Formidable Secure Cloud (FSC) is a single, state of the art solution to the very real need to protect data from loss, corruption or theft while it’s “on the move”.


The FSC is a secure, web based digital storage facility that enables you to store and manage your media, folders and documents online securely. Effectively, it is an online repository with a user-friendly interface that gives you an exclusive electronic filing system within which you can create your own folders, upload documents and view or download them and even share them securely with others.


Only designated or intended “sharees” can access the files and the system ensures that anyone else is barred.


The FSC completely removes the present need to hold or carry data on hardware (computers, discs or USB sticks) while it’s being moved around and totally negates the risk of loss or damage in the process.


With the FSC data need no longer be transferred by Post or Courier or within unsecured attachments to emails or, even worse, sms text messages. Data can simply be “deposited” on your FSC and the system will notify “sharees” (your intended recipients) that it’s there and waiting for them. They are the only ones who can then download that data.


You simply upload your files onto your FSC, tell the system what you want it to do (you have an admin panel) and the Formidable Solutions' system does the rest (e.g. hold them for storage in a folder marked “work” or have them held and forwarded to colleagues).


The files remain encrypted and protected throughout.

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