The Formidable Media Player ("FMP") is a downloaded media player installed on a user’s computer on which they can view, read or listen to the online pictures, audio or video files specifically licensed to them.


Media files (e.g. a movie) are licensed to a particular user and restricted to their individual licensed FMP.


These media files are delivered to a Formidable (virtual) drive installed on the licensee’s computer and only the licensee’s FMP application can play them (as they are automatically bound to the licensee's Windows Account and the serial number of their machine).


There is real-time checking of the integrity of the licence and if efforts are made to breach the terms of the licence the FMP and the media files are automatically disabled.


Neither the FMP nor the files dedicated to it can be forwarded or copied.




  • The licensee is the only person that can play those media files and, even then, only according to the terms of their licence (e.g. access can be limited to a period of time, before or after which the files are blocked).
  • They can only do so on their own computer/s (NB: They may be permitted to use more than one machine, depending on the terms of the licence).
  • No-one else can access those files on the licensee’s computer unless they have their Windows' account password and / or Formidable password.
  • The licensee cannot access those files on an unauthorised machine and nor can anyone else.
  • The files cannot be copied.

If you are a Publisher, broadcaster or distributor who sells or distributes valuable media online and you’re interested in protecting your IP and revenue streams (by keeping the illegal downloaders and pirates at bay) and would like to know how to utilise this Formidable DRM  (Digital Rights Management) solution then you can find out more here.


Download Media Player here :



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