The Formidable CA Webstore is a complete, inexpensive and secure solution to real-world need for a next generation webstore.


The Formidable CA Webstore database back-end powers the front-end display of products and the integrated shopping basket. This enables you to have a storefront that displays your goods with updated prices and a shopping cart function that allows your customers to keep shopping and keep track of their purchases at the same time. The route to checkout is seamless and secure.


It’s a comprehensive solution which provides a full audit trail to every order, invoice and payment processed through your account within a secure environment. Easy to use and inexpensive, it really is the next generation of webstores, incorporating encrypted PDF documentation for secure transmission and viewing of orders, invoices and receipts. SSL technology, digital certificates and Site Seal assurance secure your website and protect the transactions passing through it. Visitors can see that your site is secure which is reassuring and good for business.


The entire client registration, order and sales fulfilment process is secure confidential, which is a great improvement on most systems which require you to enter your details onto an unsecured part of a site before passing you over to securely process your credit card. To make things worse your invoice and receipts are then transmitted on unsecured emails.


The system incorporates a fully PCI compliant Merchant Payment Service and our flexible Payment Services Provider (PSP) provides a secure merchant plugin for 3D Secure and VByV checking of cards (which reduces transaction fees).

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