Formidable CA Postcode Lookup is the cost-effective solution that:


  • Saves money
  • Ensures greater database integrity
  • Enables faster and more accurate form filling
  • Improves customer service and satisfaction
  • Avoids the cost and inconvenience of missed deliveries
  • Dramatically reduces shopping cart abandonment
  • Delivers a dramatic ROI


Using it internally:


With Formidable CA Postcode Lookup you simply enter a UK postcode into your Microsoft product, CRM system or Accounts application and the full address populates automatically. This can eliminate up to 80% of keystrokes and therefore saves real time and money. It makes the whole process easier, more accurate and more satisfying. Enterprise-wide, this will make a massive difference!


For your visitors and customers:

Add it to your website and your visitors and customers enjoy the same, easy experience. They simply enter their Post Code and their full address populates automatically. This saves them time and they can check the details are accurate straight away. Your website is therefore more user-friendly and professional. As an added benefit the integrity of your database is improved as well. It’s estimated that forms that are too long or complicated account for up to half of all shopping cart abandonments or forms left incomplete, so, if you have Formidable CA Postcode Lookup, they are much more likely to complete the purchase. You have happier visitors, satisfied customers and an up-to-date accurate database. This just has to be good for business!


Formidable CA Postcode Lookup is an inexpensive purchase with a return on investment that pays for itself many times over.

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