Securely distribute PDFs

Need to be careful about who sees your documents? Sending something sensitive to others which you’d prefer to protect? Think it best to retain control over the lifecycle of a document and restrict what others do with it and when?


The Formidable PDF Studio is the easy, inexpensive and highly effective answer! Creating perfect looking PDFs is a breeze and controlling their destiny is straightforward.


Seamlessly and securely protect your PDFs utilising comprehensive digital signatures and proven encryption technology. If you’re sending them to others as attachments, restrict access to them by incorporating username and password permission levels.


If you want to utilise a higher level of security (after all, usernames and passwords can be copied and shared), then take full advantage of what we can do. Upload the PDFs to our secure cloud based storage solution (The Formidable Secure Cloud) and instruct our system to let your intended recipients know they’re there. They download the file according to your rules:


  • "View Only": they can’t access the PDF at file level at all. They can read it on their PDF Studio or PDF Viewer (which is a free download) only. They can’t download it or forward it to anyone else.
  • "Read Only": they can download the file but they can’t change anything within it.
  • "Read/Write": they can download it and read it on any PDF Reader and rework the PDF themselves and do with it what they like.


It’s your content, your property and they're your PDFs; why not take control of what’s yours?


Find out more about The Formidable PDF Studio here


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