Control "View Only" mode

When you send a document to someone can you really be sure what they do with it?


What if they send it to somebody else and you don’t want them to?


What if a competitor, rival or another client, customer or supplier saw it?


What if they alter your document and then send it to someone else and pass it off as the original?


What if you send an order form and someone in the chain alters the figures to their own advantage?


Take control of your documents and the valuable data on them with The Formidable PDF Studio “View Only” mode.


The PDF Studio is the inexpensive solution that allows you to create and protect PDFs easily. You select the level of protection you need. Digital signatures are incorporated and industry level encryption deployed.


The PDF Studio is very flexible, enabling you to select your own protection level depending on what matters to you at the time. The ultimate level of security and protection is when you create a PDF and send it to someone in “View Only” mode.


They’re given access to your secure, cloud-based, storage facility (The Formidable Secure Cloud) and they must have their own licensed PDF Studio or Formidable PDF Viewer (which is a free download) to access it. They can’t look at it on another machine. They can’t download the document at all and they certainly can’t alter it or send it to anyone else (ie: they can’t access the document at “file level”). This means that they can only look at it on their Studio or Viewer.


“View Only” means exactly that; they can see it and read it and nothing else.


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