Information Rights Management (IRM)

The Formidable IRM (Information Rights Management) solutions prevent unauthorised access to (and/or theft of) sensitive or proprietary information or data:


  1. on your PC or laptop
  2. in any customer or client’s accounts or reports
  3. in your emails and any attachments
  4. during transactions with your website (e.g. logging in or E-Commerce).


Further, with Formidable, you can work on and securely update files on your computer remotely, removing the need to carry data around with you on vulnerable hardware such as discs or drives while travelling and thereby avoid the risk of loss due to carelessness or theft.

You have the right to protect your sensitive data. Indeed, you owe it to yourself and your stakeholders!


NB: When utilising any of the Formidable Solutions products, the size or format of file is irrelevant!



1. Protecting data on your PC or laptop


Various Formidable products ensure that only the authorised user of a computer has access to the files or information on it and furthermore they also ensure that same person (only) can access or update those files remotely.

Formidable Media incorporates multiple layers of protection utilising proprietary technology and the internationally recognised encryption algorithm AES256.

For those particularly interested in protecting the files on their PC and securely updating them remotely, the relevant products are:


The Formidable Vault


A totally secure repository on your computer, the Formidable Vault is where you store files you’d prefer to remain private and protected (it’s like a safety deposit box on your computer that only you can access). It’s extremely easy to use and files can be viewed and worked on at any time. You can securely access and update these files remotely with the Formidable Synchroniser and the capacity of this secure storage facility is limited only by the size of the hard drive on the computer.


The Formidable Secure Cloud (FSC)


The FSC enables access to a secure online repository where you (only) can store files and sensitive information for safekeeping or transfer them to someone else. You do this secure in the knowledge that these files can only be accessed by you or those you warrant. The data cannot therefore be compromised or corrupted in transit due to damage, loss or theft of hardware (laptops, USB sticks and discs) or by interception of emails and attachments.


The Formidable Synchroniser


The Formidable Synchroniser allows you to synchronise your files effortlessly and securely in both the local and remote locations as and when you make changes to them. You can share and manage your users and groups, keeping them informed automatically of any changes to the files as and when they’ve been made.



2. Clients' accounts or reports


Show your clients that you respect their interests while protecting your business by securing all documentation prepared by you for their information with:


The PDF Studio


The Formidable PDF Studio enables you to create, encrypt, license and restrict the viewing of PDFs to authorised licensees (and those licensees only) and, further, restrict them to viewing those PDFs on their own computer or additional licensed computers. If you wish you can define the number of additional licences. You can also control what they are then able to do with those PDFs.



3. Emails and attachments


It is simply staggering what information is exchanged via email! Unencrypted emails can be accessed by any semi-skilled hacker who can intercept emails and/or change the information contained in them or attached to them. Formidable supply industry-leading Personal Certificates that encrypt your emails and ensure they cannot be intercepted and can only be read by the intended recipient. They also allow the recipient to verify that the email is really yours.



4. Transactions with your website


Unless it’s adequately protected, any information exchanged with your website is vulnerable to outsiders. People have a right to know that if they enter their personal details on your site, those details are safe and secure. This is particularly important if you’re asking them to buy from you and enter their bank or credit card details!


Formidable provide cost-effective SSL Certificates that visibly protect them and a state of the art E-Commerce Platform that makes buying from you risk-free (It’s been proven that conversion rates improve where the appropriate SSL Certificate is in place so Formidable makes real business sense).   



Where Formidable goes even further, with its E-Commerce solution, is by automatically encrypting all documentation accompanying any purchase. Other platforms continue to leave critical information vulnerable by securing the payment part of the transaction (only) and by leaving other sensitive data vulnerable. They allow registration to be unsecured and then deliver order confirmations and receipts within unencrypted emails. Formidable secures the entire process, from start to finish.  

Formidable Solutions deliver cost-effective, innovative and highly effective IRM products that make perfect business sense!


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