Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Formidable Solutions provide state of the art DRM solutions for:


  • Publishers, copyright holders and individuals who sell or otherwise transfer their digital content and wish to restrict access to that content (e.g. to customers only) and the way it’s used. The Formidable DRM tools support all formats such as picture, video, audio or text-based files or documents.
  • those who develop software and sell or distribute it to others. Formidable enables you to sign many types of executable code including: .exe, .cab, VBA, Java, .ocx and .dll files.


1. Publishers and copyright holders


The internet presents tremendous opportunities for copyright holders and those who sell or market digital content (e.g. movies, music, books etc). Access to new markets and ease of transfer are just some of the benefits of online publishing but theft of IP, piracy and illegal downloads are some of the very real downsides. Billions are lost every year. The Formidable DRM tools support all formats such as picture, video, audio or text-based files or documents and stops malpractice in its tracks.


Revenue streams are protected while the rights of those who have legitimately purchased or otherwise received the content are protected. Formidable Solutions also protect the relationship with your customers.


The Formidable stable of “virtual viewers” is installed on designated or authorised users’ computers so the owners of the content (or Licensors) can be sure their assets are only available to those they authorise and viewed or used according to the terms of their licence only.


This means the Licensor can:


  • protect the integrity or confidentiality of the content and/or
  • prevent unauthorised users from gaining access to it completely and/or
  • ensure authorised users can’t access their files before or indeed beyond an agreed licensing period.

Formidable Media incorporates multiple layers of protection utilising proprietary technology and the internationally recognised encryption algorithm AES256.


There are currently 3 Formidable Solutions' products of particular interest to those publishing or selling digital content online and needing secure DRM:



The Formidable Media Player (The FMP)


The FMP is a downloaded media player installed on a user’s computer on which they can view the online pictures, audio or video files licensed to them. Media files (eg: a movie) are licensed to a particular user and restricted to their individual licensed FMP.


The PDF Studio


The Formidable PDF Studio allows you to quickly and inexpensively create PDFs and encrypt them. This restricts the viewing of them to authorised licensee/s (only) and further, restricts them to viewing those PDFs on their own computer or computers only.


The Formidable Secure Cloud (FSC)


The Formidable Secure Cloud (FSC) is a secure web-based digital storage facility that enables you to store and manage your media, folders and documents online. You can share them with others easily and securely.


2. Software Developers


In this highly competitive online marketplace, the uptake of the software you market often requires you to extend its availability beyond the controlled confines of your own website and distribute it through multiple and varied locations such as third party download sites, resellers, mirrors, affiliates and more.


However, the value of pirated software worldwide rose 14 percent to $58.8 billion last year, almost double the total in 2003, amid rising theft of programs in emerging markets, according to a trade group that tracks piracy.


Formidable Code Signing Certificates enable you to include information about yourself and your code through the use of digital signatures. End-users who download HTML content, Code Signed Active X controls, dynamic link libraries or .cab files from your site can be confident that code really comes from you, the programmer, and that it's not been altered or corrupted since it was created and signed.


Maintain the integrity of your code and your competitive advantage with a Formidable CA Code Signing Certificate!

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