Protect your data on the move

Carry your folders and files around on laptops and USB drives no more! Lose your laptop or drive and where does that leave you?


Why not store them securely somewhere only you can access from anywhere in the world anytime you like? In fact, why not go further? Why not put them in a place that allows you to store certain files specifically for the attention of other people and then let them know they’re ready for download. File storage and sharing has never been easier or more secure than with the Formidable Secure Cloud (FSC) and The Formidable Synchroniser.


The Formidable Secure Cloud (FSC) is a secure web-based digital storage facility based in a fully compliant PCI environment that enables you to upload, store, manage, remotely access and share your media, folders and documents securely with other users online.


You simply upload your files onto your FSC, tell the system what you want it to do (you have an admin panel) and the Formidable Solutions system does the rest e.g. hold them for storage in a folder marked “work” or have them held and forwarded to colleagues. The files remain encrypted and protected throughout.


The Formidable suite of products enables you to go even further. By utilising the Formidable Synchroniser you can continue to work on your files, wherever you are, and all changes are synchronised locally and remotely!


NB: If you do prefer to carry your files with you then you might consider installing a Formidable Vault on your laptop. This is like having a secret encrypted safety deposit box on your computer that only you can access. If your computer is stolen, you can switch the Vault off remotely and retrieve your data.


These can be bought individually or as part of a package here



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