Synchronise local files with files stored remotely

Why not secure your folders and files on your PC and also store them remotely in a secure cloud-based platform that allows you to work on your files remotely, removing the need to carry them around with you? Worried about having different versions in different places? Don’t be.


The Formidable Synchroniser is a local desktop tool which instantly updates or “synchronises” your designated desktop files between the local and remote locations while being held within a secure online repository The Formidable Secure Cloud (FSC).


You can also share these files with specific individuals or groups if you wish. All the while they remain encrypted and protected. You can manage these users and groups, keeping them informed automatically of any changes to relevant files as and when they’ve been made.


The functionality enables you to:


  • manage users and groups
  • share uploaded files
  • notify the “sharees” that a file has been made available
  • notify those “sharees” of any subsequent changes to those files.


You can also set and manage favourite folders and connect to multiple repository systems.


The Synchroniser ensures that files stored on multiple computers will be the same as those uploaded to the online repository and further that these will all change to mirror the online versions as and when changes are made to them (by yourself or any of your "sharees") within a totally secure environment.


You can purchase the FSC and Synchroniser as a package here.


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