Publishers: Secure Distribution

With a Formidable Solutions' product publishers distribute their content to clients or customers secure in the knowledge that only those intended recipients have access to their content and that access is strictly limited by the terms of any agreement between them. If there is no agreement and the recipient wants to access the content then it’s according to the terms of the licensor alone.

All content or files remain encrypted throughout their lifecycle and are specific to the Formidable Media Player or PDF Viewer licensed to that particular client or customer and cannot therefore be intercepted, copied or downloaded, unless the licensor permits that.

A client may be granted more than one licence so they can access the material licensed to them on more than one computer but they cannot access that material on any other computer as it won’t have their personalised Player or Viewer installed.

NB: There is a Formidable Solutions' product that does allow remote secure access to files. This is the Formidable Secure Cloud (FSC). Those files already belong to the individual or the licensor has allowed others the freedom to download certain files to do with as they wish within the Formidable environment. Find out more here

This ensures the integrity of the content is maintained, data is protected, revenue streams secured (see Enhance revenue streams) and, importantly, the owner of data retains control of it throughout its lifecycle (see Maintaining control of media).

The Formidable PDF Viewer (which forms part of the Formidable PDF Studio) is a free download required by a licensee to view the documents (PDFs) sold or licensed to them. Every Formidable PDF Viewer is personal to the individual licensee and specific to the computer nominated by them, although the licensor can permit a licensee to have Formidable PDF Viewers on more than one machine.

The Formidable PDF Studio enables a licensor to upload documents which are then automatically converted into encrypted PDFs. These are then distributed to licensees (customers, clients, prospects etc.) on the machines nominated by them.

The Formidable Media Player is also a free download through which the licensee can listen to or view the audio or video files licensed to them. Again, encryption is automatic upon upload and they become personal to the licensee and specific to the machine/s nominated by them.

Whether the file is audio, video or text-based, the licensor retains complete control over the way it is used or consumed (e.g. they can “embargo” access to it and/or put a time-limit on the licence or even define the number of views after which the files become unusable).

Again, all files remain encrypted throughout so they cannot be downloaded and forwarded in an unsecured state. As a further security measure, the ability of the licensee to print a document is entirely at the discretion of the licensor.

Without the correct password to the designated Player or Viewer on an enabled and authorised computer, the files are totally unusable.

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