Enhance revenue streams

IP piracy, file-sharing and the sharing of usernames and passwords is a constant and pressing challenge to anyone selling or distributing valuable content online.

These practices dramatically affect the integrity of brands and products and diminish revenue streams, damaging business and, indeed, the economy.


It’s recently been estimated that digital piracy could result in up to 1.2 million lost jobs and £215 Billion lost revenue across Europe alone! Formidable Solutions can stop this leakage in its tracks!

With the Formidable Solutions DRM (Digital Rights Management) tools, video, picture, audio and text-based files remain encrypted throughout their lifecycle and it’s the licensor who determines who can access files and for how long. They even determine how many machines the licensee can use.

This prevents the files themselves from being downloaded, copied and sold and makes the sharing of usernames and passwords pointless. If someone wants to access your material they have to do so legitimately. Revenue streams are protected while the rights of those who have legitimately purchased or otherwise received the content are protected. Formidable Solutions firmly believe that IP piracy is not only unfair, it’s theft, pure and simple.

Enhancing revenue is, however, about more than just stopping the thieves of course!

Visible security is very reassuring and distributors will be more interested in selling your product if they know that their efforts are protected. That’s great for everyone.

Formidable Solutions also enable you, the licensor to determine when, how often and for how long your clients or customers access your files and, ultimately, what they can do with them. Apart from protecting your rights, this creates greater opportunities for further sales and/or subscriptions, facilitating ongoing engagement with your licensees.

The Formidable stable of “virtual viewers” are installed on designated or authorised users’ computers so the owners of the content (Licensors) can be sure their assets are only available to those they authorise and viewed or used according to the terms of their licence only.

This means the Licensor can:


  • protect the integrity or confidentiality of the content and/or
  • prevent unauthorised users from gaining access to it completely and/or
  • ensure authorised users can’t access their files before or indeed beyond an agreed licensing period.


Formidable Media incorporates multiple layers of protection utilising proprietary technology and the internationally recognised encryption algorithm AES256.

There are currently 3 Formidable Solutions' products of particular interest to those publishing or selling digital content online and needing secure DRM (Digital Rights Management).



The Formidable Media Player (The FMP)


The FMP is a downloaded media player installed on a user’s computer on which they can view the online pictures, audio or video files licensed to them. Media files (e.g. a movie) are licensed to a particular user and restricted to their individual licensed FMP.


The PDF Studio


The Formidable PDF Studio allows you to create PDFs quickly and inexpensively and encrypt them. This restricts the viewing of them to authorised licensees (only) and furthermore restricts them to viewing those PDFs on their own computer or computers only.



The Formidable Secure Cloud (FSC)


The Formidable Secure Cloud (FSC) is a secure web-based digital storage facility that enables you to store and manage your media, folders and documents online. You can share them with others easily and securely.


Enhance your revenue streams and protect your business with a Formidable Solution!


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