Maintaining control of media

Too often the rightful owners of IP and digital files have their property stolen, copied or interfered with before, during or after distribution. This results in loss and confusion, damage to product, brand and relationships and often significant disruption to revenue streams through piracy and competitive counterfeit selling.

It’s therefore critical that a publisher or distributor protect themselves, their brand and digital assets, clients and customers by somehow protecting those files.

With Formidable Solutions the vendors or distributors (ie: licensors) of digital content whether it’s video, picture, audio or text-based retain complete control over the files for the lifecycle of that material.

Files remain encrypted at all times and are accessible by the authorised licensee only and, furthermore, they are the only ones who can access the material on the computers included in the agreement and in the way the licensor permits.

Licensors can set time-frames within which their files can be accessed and used (before or after which they become useless) and they also define exactly what the licensee can do with these files eg: the files may be view-only.

There are currently 3 Formidable Solutions' products of particular interest to those publishing or selling digital content online and needing secure DRM (Digital Rights Management).


Downloads are free and the experience for the licensee is seamless and straightforward:


The Formidable Media Player (The FMP)


The FMP is a downloaded media player installed on a user’s computer on which they can view the online pictures, audio or video files licensed to them. Media files (eg: a movie) are licensed to a particular user and restricted to their individual licensed FMP on a particular computer.

The PDF Studio


The Formidable PDF Studio allows you to create PDFs quickly and inexpensively and encrypt them. This restricts the viewing of them to authorised licensees (only) and furthermore restricts them to viewing those PDFs on their own computer only.



The Formidable Secure Cloud (FSC)


The Formidable Secure Cloud (FSC) is a secure web-based digital storage facility that enables you to store and manage your media, folders and documents online. You can share them with others easily and securely.




Take control of your media with a Formidable Solution today!

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