Personal Privacy & Protection

It goes without saying that visitors to your website should be able to trust it implicitly and that they should be able to trust anything that comes from it (like emails or software).


Unfortunately this isn’t always the case.

  • Unencrypted emails can be read by any moderately-skilled hacker
  • Unsecured websites can be hacked into
  • Every piece of data that’s sent to a website without an SSL certificate can be seen by someone else.


Your emails:

A Formidable CA Personal Certificate encrypts your emails to ensure they can only be viewed by the intended recipient and they carry a personal signature to prove they’re actually yours and that they’ve not been tampered with along the way. They’re simple to enable, seamless to use and, for personal use, they’re free!


Find out more about Formidable CA Personal Certificates here


Your website:

Inexpensive and easy to deploy, a Formidable CA SSL Certificate lets visitors to your site know instantly that it’s a safe place to visit and do business.


Unobtrusive yet highly visible, an SSL Certificate lets a visitor to your site know four things straight away:

  • exactly who the site belongs to and
  • any interaction they have with it is encrypted to an industry recognised standard
  • their contact details and / or credit card numbers are safe and secure
  • you have put in place the necessary steps to fully protect their privacy.

Research has shown that 70% of people have abandoned a transaction because an SSL Certificate wasn’t present on a site and 60% of those people said they would have continued if there had been one. That’s bad business and bad for business!


Industries as diverse as Healthcare and Banking / Finance are actually required to meet regulatory standards when it comes to the protection of sensitive data online and Formidable Certificates ensure that compliance as they support 256 encryption levels and they’re signed with 2048 bit signatures.


With a Formidable CA SSL Certificate in place your visitors are given immediate visual cues that your site is what it says it is and that it’s safe to interact with. Your site will display:


  • An HTTPS address
  • A lock icon in the browser
  • The browser will turn green if you’ve enabled a Formidable CA EV SSL Certificate
  • It will display a Corner of Trust logo

Reassure visitors to your site that you are safe to do business with by securing your site with an inexpensive Formidable CA SSL Certificate!


Go to the SSL Certificates page here



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