Secure E-Commerce

A successful E-Commerce business relies on getting a lot of things right but if your customers don’t trust you then you’re wasting your time (they won’t buy from you and will go elsewhere). If it’s not secure, you’re exposing everybody to risk, loss and penalty and that’s not good for business.


The Formidable CA Webstore and the Formidable CA SPS Merchant Platform are inexpensive, secure and highly effective end to end E-Commerce solutions that go further.


How often is the customer expected to buy something online where the only part of the process that’s secure is the processing of the card payment? Normally, the order isn’t protected and the invoice and receipt is sent by ordinary email. This leaves a lot of information vulnerable. Others can see who’s shopping, where they live, what they’re buying and how much they’ve paid. This isn’t good for the customer and it’s not good for business.


Formidable CA E-Commerce solutions protect the entire buying cycle in one place. PCI-compliant Merchant Payment Services, SSL technology and digital certificates, secure webstore, encrypted PDF documentation for secure transmission and viewing of orders, invoices and receipts ensure confidentiality throughout the entire client registration, order and sales fulfilment process. That is secure E-Commerce.


Formidable CA E-Commerce solutions also save a lot of time, energy and money in implementation. To set up and run a webstore you’re often dealing with a web designer, a webstore supplier, the Payment Service Provider and an SSL provider and then your bank to monitor the flow of cash. With Formidable you work with your web designer and the rest is taken care of; it’s all in one and it’s at a very low cost.


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