Authenticate and protect emails


Formidable CA Personal Certificates provide the strongest levels of confidentiality and security for your electronic communications by allowing you to digitally sign and encrypt your mail and attachments.


It’s rather sobering to sit and reflect for a moment on the sheer volume of information we transfer within emails on a daily basis and, given that any moderately skilled hacker can access them without our knowledge, it becomes positively alarming when we then consider the amount of personal or sensitive data we expose or request or indeed receive.


Encrypting your emails means that only your intended recipients can read them while digitally signing enables them to confirm that you are indeed the sender and they verify your message wasn’t tampered with en route.

  • Keep your emails private
  • Be certain they are read by the person you send them to (only)
  • Authenticate you are who you say you are
  • Protect the integrity of the contents of your emails and any attachments
  • Protect any sensitive information about your contacts or clients that may be in your email

Stop outsiders intercepting your email and and/or pretending to be you. Be sure that only the intended recipient of your emails can open them and any attachments.


Normal emails and their attachments can be read by any moderately skilled hacker without your knowledge. Emails can pass through multiple machines and are vulnerable at every stage. Outsiders intercept messages as you wirelessly check your mail and snoop on your email Inbox. They can access confidential information belonging to you and your contacts and clients. They can even send emails in your name without your knowledge!


Formidable CA Personal Certificates ensure your emails are encrypted so that only the intended recipient can read them and they guarantee that you are indeed the sender and that the contents haven’t been tampered with.


They’re highly effective, easy to use (they take just minutes to set up initially) and they’re inexpensive. In fact, for personal users they’re free!


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