End-to-end E-Commerce

E-Commerce is booming and so is online fraud. If customers don’t trust a site they won’t trade with it. If a site is insecure, everyone loses.


Unfortunately, protection is often (at best) partial and sometimes non-existent. Neither is good for business. Nor is it enough to simply hand your customers over to a Payment Services Provider to handle the payment. Your customers are transacting with you before they pay for their goods and there is still the transfer of valuable information between you afterwards.


More often than not, a customer places their order on a site and receives invoices and receipts by email. Sensitive information is being transferred but rarely is it protected or secure.


We believe that the vendor and the customer should feel secure and be protected from the time they enter a website until the time the receipt is in their hands. In fact, every piece of correspondence between you should be private and secure as well. Protection should be in place and it should be visible, every step of the way. Our technology does this and it’s inexpensive and easy to deploy.


Formidable CA E-Commerce solutions protect the entire buying cycle in one place. PCI-compliant Merchant Payment Services, SSL technology and digital certificates, secure webstore, encrypted PDF documentation for secure transmission and viewing of orders, invoices and receipts ensure confidentiality throughout the entire client registration, order and sales fulfilment process. That is secure E-Commerce.


Formidable CA E-Commerce solutions also save a lot of time, energy and money in implementation.


To set up and run a webstore you’re often dealing with a web designer, a webstore supplier, the Payment Service Provider and an SSL provider and then your bank to monitor the flow of cash. With Formidable you work with your web designer and the rest is taken care of. It’s all in one and it’s at a very low cost.


If you are presently operating a webstore and realise you need an easier, more holistic and secure solution, incorporating Formidable CA E-Commerce solutions is straightforward and the payoff is instant.


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