Postcode Lookup

Formidable Postcode Lookup:


  • Saves time and money
  • Ensures accuracy
  • Reduces shopping cart abandonment
  • Improves customer satisfaction


Formidable Postcode Lookup makes the filling out of forms so much easier:


  1. Enter a Postcode
  2. Select an address
  3. Job done!


It really is that simple.




Why are your staff wasting so much time (and company money) laboriously filling out numerous personal details when it can so easily be automated? Formidable Postcode Lookup is seamless to use, it saves between 30 – 60 seconds per record and dramatically cuts down on errors (which lead to misdirected mail and missed deliveries). It’s just great for business.


On your website:


If you are relying on people to register on your site or buy things from you online, with Formidable Postcode Lookup, you’ve made it easier and quicker for them (and you’ve cut down the risk of error). The easier it is for visitors to enter their all-important details, the nicer the experience and the quicker they get to where you want them to go. Again, this is simply great for business.


Whether they’re registering to become members or buying goods from you, they get there easier and quicker and are therefore less likely to give up. It speeds people through to checkout and it’s estimated that Postcode Lookup software reduces shopping cart abandonment by anything up to 30%. It’s simple to install and pays for itself in no time.


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