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In 2012 we’re showing our support for the essential work the non-profit sector does by donating as much as £100 Million of our security software to charities. We are supporting them in the work they do by protecting them and their stakeholders from cyber-attack, hacking, phishing, piracy and fraud and the inevitable loss of revenue and reputation that follows.


Intellectual Property (IP) must be protected. Unfortunately, all too often it’s left vulnerable to interference or theft and nowhere more so than in the Third Sector.   


Data protection is often the last thing organisations want to think about but their data is being compromised every day. Hardware is lost or stolen, emails with sensitive attachments are misdirected or intercepted, information “grows legs” and walks out of offices, usernames and passwords are shared or traded and digital products are copied and re-sold.


Real money is lost and harm is done.


It needn’t be.


Formidable Solutions have a stable of products that protect IP in a number of ways:


  1. There is a Formidable CA SSL Certificate perfectly suited to protecting your charity’s IP

NB: Formidable CA SSL Certificates (a selection of which are free for charities) assure that, among other things, you are who you say you are. Others secure websites that request visitors to enter personal information (such as contact details for newsletters or credit card details to make purchases or bookings). Visitors know immediately that you have taken the necessary steps to make these transactions safe and secure which not only reassures them but encourages them to actually do their business with you!

  1. Formidable CA Personal Certificates keep your emails and any attachments secure because unencrypted emails can be intercepted by any moderately skilled hacker.
  1. Formidable CA Code Signing Certificates protect your brand and prevents piracy or mischief by assuring your worldwide customer base that any software they might download that has your name on it is genuine and hasn’t been tampered with.
  1. The Formidable Vault stops people stealing data that’s stored on your computer. It’s like having a personal safety deposit box on your computer within which you can store any or all of your files or folders. The Vault is infinitely scalable so all of your files could be tucked away where they’d remain encrypted, invisible and unusable by outsiders.
  1. The Formidable PDF Studio enables you to create PDFs, convert word documents into PDFs, encrypt them and control who sees them, what they can then do with them and for how long. Basically, they protect confidentiality and any IP you may have written or displayed in the document throughout its lifecycle.
  1. The Formidable Publisher allows you to publish your media files and maintain control over the content and direct it to your customers, supporters or stakeholders preventing misdirection, theft or piracy.
  1. The Formidable Secure Cloud (The FSC) is a single, state of the art solution to the very real need to protect data from loss, corruption or theft while it’s “on the move”. It’s a secure, web-based digital storage facility that enables you to store and manage your media, folders and documents securely online so that you can access them  securely (or share with others) wherever you are.  No more carrying of sensitive materials around on laptops, discs or drives!
  1. The Formidable Synchroniser is a local desktop tool which allows you to synchronise changes to your files effortlessly and securely in both the local and remote locations as and when you make changes to them. This happens regardless of the files being stored in a secure (Formidable Vault) or non-secure environment. You simply upload and download your files and folders between your desktop computer and your secure online repository. You can share and manage your users and groups, keeping them informed automatically of any changes to the files as and when they’ve been made.
  1. The Formidable Media Player (The FMP) is a downloaded media player installed on a user’s computer on which they can view the online pictures, audio or video files specifically licensed to them. The FMP stops piracy in its tracks. Media files (eg: a movie) are licensed to a particular user and restricted to their individual licensed FMP. There is real-time checking of the integrity of the licence and if efforts are made to breach the terms of the licence the FMP and the media files are automatically disabled. Neither the FMP nor the files dedicated to it can be forwarded or copied.


There are licences available to many of our products for all charities who register with our charitable partner, the UK-registered charity Giveall2Charity. For charities who don’t register we have these products available at dramatically reduced rates.


We are supporting Giveall because they are an apolitical charity that exists to support all charities, churches, hospitals, schools, universities, CASCs* and other Non-Profit Organisations. Now, more than ever, these organisations need all the help they can get. Budgets are tight, resources are scarce and yet the call on their services has never been greater. Quite simply, these charities and their trustees, employees, volunteers and those relying on them are under pressure. That’s where Giveall2Charity comes in and that’s where we want to help.  (*CASC stands for Community Amateur Sports Clubs)


Giveall2Charity provides sophisticated solutions that help them operate more efficiently and effectively so they can better achieve their charitable goals. These solutions include an online fund-raising platform and a cutting-edge card and cash management system that enables these charities to raise more money than ever before while avoiding the commissions, excessive bank fees and other charges that would normally stand between them and their charitable purposes.


It’s clear that many of these organisations are losing a small fortune to middlemen and banks on a daily basis because of these unreasonable commissions, charges and fees. This is money given to the charities by their supporters in good faith. Giveall2Charity believes that 100% of charitable donations should go where the donor wants it to go and where it can do the most good. So do we. Giveall2Charity is the smart solution for charities, their supporters and beneficiaries and by supporting Giveall2Charity we can in turn support every charity, school, university, church, hospital, CASC and other Non-Profit Organisations as well. We believe this will make a real difference.


Find out more about Giveall2Charity and the products we have available for charities here


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