IT Security and Protection

In 2012 we’re showing our support for the essential work the non-profit sector does by donating as much as £100 Million of our security software to charities. We are supporting them in the work they do by protecting them and their stakeholders from cyber attack, hacking, phishing, piracy and fraud and the inevitable loss of revenue and reputation that follows.


IT systems should not only work but they should be protected and secure as well. The same goes for websites and emails. This security and protection needs to be effective, visible to re-assure stakeholders and ward off would-be outsiders meaning harm while unobtrusive and simple to implement and use.


  1. Formidable CA SSL Certificates
  • Provide visual assurance that your website is legitimate and it does in fact belong to you
  • Provide strong encryption and visual assurance for conducting business online. Basically, visitors know it’s safe for them to enter their personal information and card details on your site and their transaction is secure.
  1. Formidable CA Personal Certificates keep your emails and any attachments secure because unencrypted emails can be intercepted by any moderately skilled hacker, and re-assure the recipient that an email is genuinely yours.
  1. Formidable CA Code Signing Certificates protect your brand and prevent piracy or mischief by assuring your worldwide customer base that any software they download that has your name on is genuine and hasn’t been tampered with.


Other Formidable products specifically protect your IP and you can find out more about them here


There are licences available for many Formidable products to all charities who register with our charitable partner, the UK registered charity Giveall2Charity (and for charities who don’t register we have these products available at dramatically reduced rates).


We are supporting Giveall because they are an apolitical charity that exists to support all charities, churches, hospitals, schools, universities, CASCs* and other Non-Profit Organisations. Now, more than ever, these organisations need all the help they can get. Budgets are tight, resources are scarce and yet the call on their services has never been greater. Quite simply, these charities and their trustees, employees, volunteers and those relying on them are under pressure. That’s where Giveall2Charity comes in and that’s where we want to help. * CASCs are Community Amateur Sports Clubs.


Giveall2Charity provides sophisticated solutions that help them operate more efficiently and effectively so they can better achieve their charitable goals. These solutions include an online fund-raising platform and a cutting-edge card and cash management system that enables these charities to raise more money than ever before while avoiding the commissions, excessive bank fees and other charges that would normally stand between them and their charitable purposes.


It’s clear that many of these organisations are losing a small fortune to middlemen and banks on a daily basis because of these unreasonable commissions, charges and fees. This is money given to the charities by their supporters in good faith. Giveall2Charity believes that 100% of charitable donations should go where the donor wants it to go and where it can do the most good. So do we. Giveall2Charity is the smart solution for charities, their supporters and beneficiaries and by supporting Giveall2Charity we can in turn support every charity, school, university, church, hospital, CASC and other Non-Profit Organisations as well. We believe this will make a real difference.


Find out more about Giveall2Charity and the products we have available for charities here


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