E-Commerce & Payment Solutions

E-Commerce is booming and it presents a tremendous opportunity for non-profits to generate revenue and develop relationships.


Formidable Solutions, in conjunction with Specialist Payment Services Limited (“SPS”) and Formidable CA Services, provide a comprehensive service to enable and secure the online payment and E-Commerce solutions you utilise in your business. The system is fully PCI compliant and goes further than other systems by providing a secure Webstore solution which incorporates SSL technology and digital certificates and encrypted PDF documentation for secure transmission and viewing of orders, invoices and receipts.


Formidable CA E-Commerce solutions protect the entire buying cycle in one place. We believe that you, as the vendor, and your customers should feel secure and be protected from the time they enter your website until the time they have the receipt for their purchase in their hands. In fact, every piece of correspondence between you should be private and secure as well. Protection should be in place and it should be visible, every step of the way. Our technology does this and it’s inexpensive and easy to deploy.


We are working with the UK-based charity Giveall2Charity so that every single charity* can take advantage of state of the art secure E-Commerce solutions so they can generate more revenue while reducing costs so they’re better placed to persue their own charitable goals in the most efficient, effective and secure way.


Every charity that registers with Giveall2Charity receives comprehensive suites of Formidable solutions as part of their membership of Giveall.


Find out more about the solutions available to charities with Giveall2Charity here.


Find out more about our E-Commerce solutions here


* Giveall2Charity is available to the 2 million non-profits (only) at this point in time but will be offering its services to non-profits around the world in the very near future; please follow them on Twitter, Facebook and/ or www.giveall.org to stay abreast of developments.



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