Database Security and Integrity

A database must be secure and the information within it correct.


  1. Formidable CA SSL certificates provide the ability to secure any links to your databases and servers.

The right Formidable CA SSL Certificate ensures that all data sent to or from your databases and application servers is unreadable by anyone other than those who are authorised to access it.


Find out more about our SSL Certificates here


  1. The Formidable Vault is like having a personal safety deposit box on your computer and the Formidable Secure Cloud (The FSC) does the same in the cloud, where you can store and transfer securely any bulk exports/ imports of data to and from your databases. The Formidable Synchroniser allows you to work on files locally and remotely and synchronise any changes to them.


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  1. Formidable CA Postcode Lookup software makes the filling out of forms quicker while ensuring the information is correct.


Formidable CA Postcode Lookup:


    • Saves time and money
    • Ensures accuracy
    • Reduces shopping cart abandonment
    • Improves customer satisfaction


Formidable CA Postcode Lookup makes the filling out of forms so much easier:

    1. Enter a Postcode
    2. Select an address
    3. Job done!


Done right. Done first time. It really is that simple.


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