Our £100 Million charitable undertaking!


In 2014-2015 our intention is to show our support for the critical work the Non-Profit sector is doing by donating as much as £100 Million or more of our security software to charities by helping Giveall2Charity in their efforts to transform the Non-Profit sector and to enable them to increase revenue through the use of income generating products.


Our mission is to do what we can to make the world a better place.


While we knew our solutions were making a real difference, we asked ourselves the following question: given the very real challenges facing society today, what more could we do? We discovered the UK registered charity Giveall2Charity and we had our answer!


Giveall2Charity exists to support all charities, churches, hospitals, schools, universities, CASCs* and other Non-Profit Organisations. Now, more than ever, these organisations need all the help they can get. Budgets are tight, resources are scarce and yet the call on their services has never been greater. Quite simply, these charities and their trustees, employees, volunteers and those relying on them are under pressure. That’s where Giveall2Charity comes in.


Giveall2Charity provides sophisticated solutions that help them operate more efficiently and effectively so they can better achieve their charitable goals. These solutions include an online fund-raising platform and a cutting-edge card and cash management system that enables these charities to raise more money than ever before while avoiding the commissions, excessive bank fees and other charges that would normally stand between them and their charitable purposes.


It’s clear that many of these organisations are losing a small fortune to middlemen and banks on a daily basis because of these unreasonable commissions, charges and fees. This is money given to the charities by their supporters in good faith. Giveall2Charity believes that 100% of charitable donations should go where the donor wants it to go and where it can do the most good. So do we. Giveall2Charity is the smart solution for charities, their supporters and beneficiaries and by supporting Giveall2Charity we can in turn support every charity, school, university, church, hospital, CASC and other Non-Profit Organisations as well. We believe this will make a real difference.


Data protection is often the last thing organisations want to think about but their data is being compromised every day. Hardware is lost or stolen, emails with sensitive attachments are misdirected or intercepted, information “grows legs” and walks out of offices, usernames and passwords are shared or traded and digital products are copied and re-sold.


Real money is lost and harm is done.


With the average cost to an organisation of a single serious data breach estimated to be in excess of £1 million in lost revenue and penalties and innocent individual’s bank accounts and personal details and property at risk, it’s no wonder that trust is fading.

We think it’s time data protection was taken more seriously.


Giveall2Charity utilises:

  • Formidable Solutions for its own reporting and data protection and every charity, church, school, university, hospital, CASC or other Non-Profit Organisations that registers with them will receive 10 full suites of Formidable Solutions software.
  • Formidable CA, in association with Comodo, for Digital SSL Certificates to secure all sensitive transactions carried out through their site.


With over 1,000,000 of these organisations eligible for support from Giveall2Charity in the UK alone, Formidable Solutions and Comodo could be supplying up to or even over £100 Million worth of software this year alone!


This ensures that the sensitive data entrusted to these organisations and their trustees and officers is protected and the charity itself can carry on doing what it does best; safely and responsibly. Quite simply, they can concentrate on doing what they do and their supporters can continue to support them knowing that their operations are secure and the donor's personal details are safe.


So, that is our £100 Million undertaking, every Non-Profit Organisation and/or charity that registers with Giveall2Charity receives:


  • 10 full suites of Formidable Solutions free.
  • A free Digital SSL Certificate


That’s us, doing what we do for the greater good.


If you’d like to know more about Giveall2Charity follow the link.


(* CASC stands for Community Amateur Sports Club)

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