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Formidable:  “... being impressively large, powerful, intense, or capable.”



The Formidable Group of Companies, comprising Formidable CA Services Limited and Formidable Solutions Limited, are multi-national teams of professionals drawn from the fields of Law, Accounting, Banking, IT, Publishing and Media. We combined forces to create and deliver effective, inexpensive, sophisticated and secure solutions to the real-world need for data-protection, security and integrity.


We identified that most of the systems and practices for storing, sharing, selling and exchanging data are woefully short on controls and hopelessly insecure. Risky practice is the norm, identity theft and online fraud is rife and online piracy is not only pervasive but defended as a “right” in some quarters.


Having worked together on a number of sensitive projects, we realised we were also routinely exposing our clients and ourselves to all manner of risk on a daily basis. We were making sales but we were losing others. We were placing our sensitive data and that belonging to our clients at risk. We were exposed to loss and even prosecution. We realised we had to change.


What was also clear to us as a group was that between us we had the experience and knowhow to develop solutions that would make a real difference by utilising and developing the expertise and technology within our grasp. We did and Formidable Solutions and Formidable CA are the result.


Formidable Solutions develop software to protect the creation, storage, transfer and transmission of data while Formidable CA delivers industry leading SSL and Digital Certificates and E-Commerce Solutions.


Both companies are registered in the United Kingdom.



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