About Us

  Formidable:     “... being impressively large, powerful, intense, or capable.”               

Solutions:        “... a means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation.”

            “... products or services designed to meet a particular need.”


Data is compromised every day. Hardware is either lost or stolen, emails with sensitive attachments are misdirected or intercepted, information “grows legs” and walks out of offices, usernames and passwords are shared or traded and digital products are copied and re-sold.

With the average cost of a single serious data breach estimated to be in excess of £1million and companies’ target markets shrinking due to IP piracy, real money and shareholder value is lost every day. Brands are damaged and companies are prosecuted, illegal or immoral activity is fostered and trust (that critical, fundamental business asset) is eroded.


We are an international multi-disciplinary team who have developed a stable of Formidable Solutions products to address


these issues and we know they deliver peace of mind. They’re fundamentally transforming the way digital assets are protected and secured by utilising proven, state of the art, encryption technology that is robust and secure while being inexpensive and simple to use.


Formidable Solutions Ltd is a company registered in the UK and we are dedicated to transforming the way digital assets and sensitive data is protected.


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