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In 2012/13 we’re showing our support for the critical work the Non-Profit sector is doing by donating as much as £100 Million or more of our software to charities by helping Giveall2Charity in their efforts to transform the Non-Profit sector. Every charity that registers with Giveall2Charity will receive SSL Certificates and suites of software to secure their services, cut costs and create efficiencies. Read More


Our “Corporate Social Responsibility” is not just a fancy statement of fine intentions and a faddish box we’ve ticked. We believe it’s evident in what we do and reflected in the way we behave.


“CSR” has all too often become a slick series of fine statements that may or may not be reflected in the way a company operates. Indeed, this situation is exacerbated by certain large companies disqualifying potential suppliers who don’t have one on their website or in their proposals. Sentiments must be backed by action.


We would prefer to leave the “CSR Policy” out and be judged on our results but, living in the real world and, being in business, we feel compelled to put our commitment to being a good Corporate Citizen in words (you can find it below).


So, what do we do that makes us a good corporate citizen?


Well, for a start, we create and deliver innovative solutions that make life easier and more secure; some unique and others that are at least as good as our competitors (and normally less expensive).


We protect assets, prevent criminality and deliver peace of mind.


We are constantly innovating and improving and we believe our pricing policy is fair. All of our solutions are priced and packaged in a way that delivers a reasonable margin (ensuring our own sustainability) while being low enough to be compelling to corporates and affordable to those excluded by the pricing of our competitors.


Pricing and packaging is transparent. At every step of the way the customer knows what the final price will be. Our pricing is designed to return a reasonable profit while ensuring our products are accessible to all.


Before we run the risk of going on too long we’d like to point out again our commitment to helping the non-profit sector with our support for Giveall2Charity who enable every charity, school, church, CASC, hospital and other Non-Profit Organisation raise more money, cut costs and manage their cash more efficiently (Giveall delivers its services in the UK only at this point but will roll-out globally in the near future and we will support them every step of the way). We think that is worth shouting about!


Formidable Solutions Limited: Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (Read more)

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