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That’s a great question.


Our promise is that our solutions protect, secure and deliver peace of mind. They’re inexpensive, effective and easy to use. Our solutions are designed to seamlessly protect your digital assets, revenues, identities and reputations. They work and they were developed from a user’s point of view.


Why Us? Well, we would think we are just like you and we’ve delivered solutions that work for people just like us.


The founders of the company are drawn from Law, Accountancy, Media and ICT. We come from businesses large and small. We were handling and communicating highly sensitive information. People entrusted us with their data and their sensitive information. We were creating reports and articles on PDFs. We were travelling and carrying our valuable IP on laptops. We were selling media, publishing files and writing software. We were handling hundreds of emails a week. We had people logging into our sites and we were logging into others, entrusting our interests and the trust of clients into those sites. We were selling and buying things online. We wore many hats: business owners, service providers, employers, employees, vendors and customers.


Just like you.


We weren’t always happy with the tools and systems we were using and we started asking ourselves some questions like:


  • What if the wrong people saw that email we’d just written?
  • How fair was it that when we sold our media (DVDs, CDs, files, movies, music etc) they were immediately popping up elsewhere free or on sale by someone else?!
  • When we bought something online, why was it that our credit card details were secure but everything else was vulnerable (such as our personal details, address, phone number, what we bought, from whom, how much we paid etc etc)?
  • And, why were the transaction fees so very high?!
  • Why were SSL and other digital certificates so expensive?


Just like you?


We got our heads together and it shortly became apparent that between us we could do better. We had the expertise and the resources to put it all together and the more we looked at it the more apparent it became that there was a very sound business case for doing so.


We could offer great products that made a real difference at accessible prices.



Solutions designed for people just like you.



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